Toastmaster Testimonial – Rick Barron

Toastmaster Testimonial – Gene

Toastmaster Testimonial – Ben Hanania

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Toastmaster Testimonial – Andy Kish

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Toastmaster Testimonial – Tim

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I have met so many marvelous people since joining Toastmasters! This is living at its best, becoming the best me I can be and having the honor of encouraging others while they do the same.

Kathy Donavan Distinguished Toastmaster August 5, 2016

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The opportunities I have come by because of Toastmasters have exceeded all my expectations!

David Levy October 31, 2016

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Toastmasters has helped me improve my speaking skills and meet new people.

Dale Goff Distinguished Toastmaster November 14, 2016

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Toastmasters International is exhilarating and provides me with emboldened leadership values and refined public speaking platforms. Become a member and soar with fellow Toastmasters as eagles navigating the wings of effective storytelling.

Gail Kelson ACS, ALB, D40 B16 Area Director November 14, 2016

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I joined Toastmasters as a busy introverted supervisor who wanted to improve my communication skills. At my own pace, project by project, I read, I spoke, I listened, I evaluated, I tried new things, I stretched myself, and I led. With words of encouragement and evaluators who provided golden nuggets of truth—I transformed. Today, I tackle new adventures with courage and vision. I speak with enthusiasm and vibrancy at confidence levels that inspire and motivate.

Liz Reed November 14, 2016

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Imagine the fear and anxiety: giving the eulogy of a dear old family friend in front of 200 people; as a father, speaking at your daughter’s wedding – reflecting on the special moment to family and guests. Horrifying!! But, with some Toastmasters experience I had enough confidence to rise to the occasion and perform my roles exceptionally well!

Andy Kish Distinguished Toastmaster November 15, 2016

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I was already a senior leader in my organization when I discovered Toastmasters and initially doubted I needed it...as I already had "made it" in my career. I quickly learned how much I still had to learn and, after joining, my skills improved exponentially.

Don Schulze 3-time DTM, Johnstown, OH. November 15, 2016

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Toastmasters Clubs provide a supportive atmosphere for beginners. No experience necessary!

Crystalyn Donavan November 15, 2016

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Toastmasters is an awesome organization. With each speech and project it has increased my confidence. It has opened up many opportunities for me to share my gifts and this is not something I have to do it is something I get to do.

DeeHibbs November 15, 2016

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Toastmasters means being able to make a difference. Through Toastmasters, I've learned to stand up and speak in front of others without fear, to feel comfortable working with people with different outlooks and points of view, to provide feedback to others in a positive and supportive way, and to feel confident when leading groups people. Toastmasters teaches you how to do amazing things!

Brad Craig Distinguished Toastmaster November 15, 2016