A Better Alternative to Leadership Seminars

05_conference_lrTop organizations nationwide, are taking an active interest in leadership development. More than half are looking to increase their budgets to divide more revenue amongst the leaders of their companies. This does make sense, since an effective leader will help a company increase its revenue.

It should be noted that many of those who do pursue leadership positions could end up making a six-figure income, which is nothing to scoff at.

Some people are lucky enough to be born with innate leadership skills. Nevertheless, some of the world’s top leaders acquired the skill through learning, mentorship or guidance from a relevant authority.

Today, there are numerous leadership seminars that bring together experienced leaders in various fields to offer insight and relevant skills to participants on how to become good leaders. However, seminars alone are not enough to effectively impart the training required to turn ordinary people into leaders.


A Better Approach

A more effective approach is to organize comprehensive training programs that utilize a learn-by-doing approach to provide a platform for aspiring leaders to learn the craft.

District 40 Toastmasters is an affiliate branch of Toastmasters International. This program offers an alternative to leadership seminars.


Services that District 40 Toastmasters Offers

07_conference_lrToastmasters allows individuals to become confident public speakers and strong leaders. It provides a conducive learning environment that allows members to learn skills by becoming actively involved in various leadership activities.

Members can join any club of their choice. These clubs allow members to meet, share, learn and grow together. Every member is advised to visit several clubs at first before settling on one that they feel meets their needs.

Club members join an international community that offers support and guidance throughout their journey. As the program progresses, members receive recognition and feedback from colleagues. This allows them to track their progress and gauge their improvement.


Online Resources that are Available to Members

Toastmasters offers various perks to members including the convenience of working online. Some of the online resources that are readily available to members include:

  • Public speaking tips

Toastmasters allows members to learn effective public speaking tools and tips to develop their speaking skills. This takes them one step closer to achieving their target.

  • Video library

Toastmasters maintains a wide selection of video tutorials for inspiration, instruction and encouragement. The library also contains video material from members and their personal testimonials.

  • Toastmaster magazine

The magazine contains interesting articles that offer advice, experiences and tips that assist members in their journey. It’s published monthly and is available in print, tablet and online editions.

  • Education Program

This program allows members to learn effective tips and approaches to becoming competent leaders who wield power and inspiration.

  • Toastmasters Products

The Toastmasters online store features various essential gifts and products at affordable prices that are only available to members.


The Toastmasters Education Program

10_networking_lrMembers are free to participate in the education program offered by the organization. It comprises of a highly revised curriculum that has been proven to achieve desired results in the past. It allows participants to develop their leadership and communication skills gradually. It’s built on four guiding principles that have been used since 1924.

  • Experimental Learning

This basically means that every member is given a special learning opportunity where they actively take part in leadership roles, give speeches, and practice skills that they have learnt.

  • Self-Paced Program

This allows members to learn at their own pace.

  • Peer Feedback

Clubs allow members to offer one another supportive, candid and non-judgmental peer evaluation as well as feedback.

  • Mentorship

New members learn and grow under the guidance and mentorship of experienced colleagues.

Joining the District 40 Toastmasters offers a combined and comprehensive learning opportunity to members. Trainees are evaluated on the basis of their performance and learn by participating in leadership activities instead of simply listening and taking notes.

Trainees attain different levels of accomplishment and earn awards for their achievements. Joining District 40 Toastmasters allows one to attain quality leadership skills to improve their job prospects and overall life quality.


How the Leadership Industry is Growing

12_networking_lrA leadership program opens you up to the entire business world, which is quite diverse. There are companies that focus on banking while others focus on book publishing, meaning that you may still be able to work in the industry of your choosing, while earning a very healthy income.

Best of all, your job is very flexible since several companies are going to be looking for your set of skills. The truth is that this economy has its weaknesses as you probably remember the crash back in 2008. Jobs may seem secure, but that doesn’t mean nothing will go wrong, which makes a flexible skill set like yours even more invaluable.

All you have to do is find another company should anything happen to the one in which you’re employed. Of course, this is just an extreme example, but it shows just how many doors that leadership skills can open for you.


The Right Leadership Program

There are a few programs out there, but many of them don’t offer the kind of flexibility that a working person might need. The Toastmaster’s program offers a few roads for a budding leader that better fits his or her lifestyle and learning preference.

For example, the experimental program teaches you by performing leadership tasks through role-playing, giving speeches, and completing tasks you might complete in the workforce. The leaders in the program build on your skills and improve on them as the program moves along.

The self-paced program lets you learn at your own pace so that you can still pay attention to your obligation like your current occupation or your family. It should be noted that many of the instructors are effective and successful leaders themselves.

This means that you’ll be learning the kind of skills that truly work. The leaders aren’t just instructors, but rather mentors and partners. The classes involve a lot of feedback, which is a very productive aspect of the class that other programs simply don’t offer.

There is an endless amount of doors out there for you, and District 40 Toastmasters holds the master key to every door that has your name inscribed on it.


You can have a very bright future ahead.

Join your local Toastmasters organization TODAY!

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