No, It Is Not!

Let’s have a chat about things that are not what our language tells us they are: beasties, and birdies, and fishies, and other thingies that our language lies to us about. Beasties: The koala bear’s not really a bear. And the English hare is nary a hare. The English...

Say It with Style

"Our goal is to grow the company.  We will grow the company by selling more policies.  Growing the company is what we need to do.  Your job is to help us grow the company."  [ YAWN ] How many times have you sat through that boring presentation?  Even once is too...

The First Blog

Why write the first blog?  Of anything? To show the way…. Hi, I’m Kathy Donavan, Club Growth Director for District 40 of Toastmasters International.  “What is District 40”, you ask? That’s easy.  We are a group of individuals from Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and...

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