Developing Leadership Skills

10_conference_lrPeople who aspire to attain decision-making positions must be able to inspire others, identify and resolve work-related issues before they balloon into major disasters, and guide the organizations they head to success.

As such, aspiring leaders should undergo leadership training. Below is some more information on this topic.

Why Organizations Need Leaders

Firstly, since most organizations are highly dynamic, they tend to have different types of product/service offerings, staff spanning all age demographics, and offices in different countries. Moreover, these organizations employ people with different religious, cultural and political beliefs.

However, if not well managed, such workplace diversity could create a cauldron of differing views that could lead to operational chaos. To prevent this from happening, organizations normally elect individuals with the relevant leadership skills to guide other employees towards a pre-determined and common goal.

It’s important to note that the relevant leadership skills generally vary depending on organizational goals, industry/market niche and the number of employees.

How Developing Leadership Skills Can Help You in Life

Firstly, according to a study published in the Journal of Education for Business, leadership training would likely improve your earning power. In particular, this study found that the starting salary of MBA graduates who take up full-time jobs is 50% more than their starting salary pre-MBA. For MBA graduates who take up part-time jobs, the starting salary is 41% more than the starting salary pre-MBA.

After five years, the average salary of an MBA graduate rises to 80% more than pre-MBA starting salary. This is relevant to leadership because MBA programs equip enrollees with the skills they need to lead organizations using data-driven and science-based management practices.

In addition, leadership training would give you the confidence to start your own business or other similar venture. In fact, a study done by Cowboy Ventures founder Aileen Lee found that 80% of unicorns (startups worth more than $1 billion) have at least a co-founder who had previously founded a business and therefore possess the relevant leadership skills. In addition, 76% of founding CEOs led their companies to successful liquidity events including IPOs and acquisitions.

How You Can Become a Leader Through Proper Training

According to the American Management Association (AMA), leadership training helps enrollees to develop skills that are critical to career and organizational success irrespective of the prevailing conditions (such as tough economic climate). In addition, training will enable you to exploit and fulfill your leadership potential.

This is important because your capability to lead could be impaired by lack of certain essential leadership skills such as strategic planning. As such, leadership-training programs typically cover a wide range of leadership skill sets including effective communication, project management, goal setting, and strategy development.

How Toastmasters Trains You to Become a Leader

Toastmasters is an organization that runs quality leadership training programs that target aspiring leaders as well as people in leadership positions who want to improve their skills. Each training program has a set of projects/tasks that enrollees must complete in order to qualify for the applicable award.

In addition, program enrollees submit completed projects to evaluators who review them and offer feedback where necessary. For instance, the Competent Leadership program has ten projects and those who complete them all earn a Competent Leader award. After completing this program, you can proceed to the Advanced Leader program, which has two award levels:

• Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)

• Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

Other leadership programs offered by Toastmasters include Competent Communicator and High Performance Leadership. Take note that people who join these programs also get the relevant reading materials.


If you are planning to seek a leadership position, it’s wise to undergo training to acquire the skills you need to lead others. Doing so will enhance your earning power, as well as increase your chances of starting a successful business.

Luckily, Toastmasters International has leadership programs tailored to suit the educational needs of both aspiring and existing leaders.


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